Judson Middle School
Congratulations to the following members of the Judson Orchestras for successfully passing the audition into the All-City Middle School Honors Orchestra:  Sherie Ahn, Bruce Bailey, Theresa Burke,... Read more

2014-2015 Salem-Keizer Middle Schools Battle of the Books   Form a team!  Read the books!  Battle at your school!   What is “Battle of the Books? Battle of the Books is a competition where teams read... Read more

Please Check the Lost and Found  - There is a large collection of sweatshirts and jackets in the lost and found.  Please remind your student to check the lost and found for any missing items.  The... Read more

On the student’s last day, he/she should report to the Registrar to receive a withdrawal slip.  On the withdrawal slip, each class will be listed.  As the student goes to each period, he/she will... Read more


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