After School Pick Up

2017-11-06T10:44:02+00:00 November 6, 2017|

Our parking lot can be quite busy after school. To help ease the congestion, here are some helpful tips and reminders:

  • Please consider picking your student up on Jones Road by using the pick-up area in front of the building on the east side of Jones Road. The less vehicles we have in the parking lot, the less congested that area is, and the safer it is for students waiting for buses.
  • You are more than welcome to park in the church parking lot across the street to wait for your student after school. This area is far less congested and has multiple entrances and exits.
  • If you must pick up your student in the school parking lot, please park in one of the parking spaces or circle through the parking lot until your child comes out. Please keep traffic flowing through the parking lot by not stopping unless your student is outside and ready to get in the vehicle. When you stop and wait for your student to come out of the building, it backs up traffic and stops buses from being able to enter the parking lot to pick up students.
  • Please remember that traffic must be kept continually moving on Jones Road. Please do not stop in the road to pick up your student. Stopping in the road causes traffic jams, and can cause frustration for parents and neighborhood traffic trying to get through. It can also be dangerous to have students weaving in and out of cars to get to their parents vehicle.
  • Just a reminder that parents cannot park in the bike line on the west side of Jones Road. This area is clearly marked with No Parking signs. You cannot park in this area under any circumstances. Even if you are intending on staying in your vehicle until your student comes out to meet you. The Salem Police Department has informed us that they will ticket cars that are parked in the No Parking area.

Thank you for your support in following these guidelines to help ensure the safety of our students.