The district has received reports of ongoing technical issues across the district with students trying to log in to Chromebooks. We have developed the following tips to help troubleshoot while we develop solutions.

(1) Steps to use

With the Chromebook charger connected, perform a Hard Reset by pressing the Refresh and Power keys at the same time. Follow the Sign in with a different account instructions above.

Image of a keyboard

(2) After receiving the message

Sign-in failed because your access token could not be retrieved. Please check your network connection and try again.

1. Select Sign in with a different account
2. Enter Student ID at the Enter your email prompt
a. Click Next
3. Enter password in the Enter you password prompt
a. Click Next

Image of a computer screen

(3) Troubleshooting

If you receive a prompt to enter your old password, click the text that says “I forgot my password”, then click on “Proceed anyways”.
If you Zoom icon is missing, please perform the Hard Reset process again as outlined in the first step.