Share Your Feedback on Boundary Adjustments | Compartan sus opiniones de los cambios a los límites de las zonas escolares

A Boundary Review Task Force has been formed and has started to review boundaries in all Salem-Keizer high school feeder systems. Boundary adjustments are needed to fully utilize the additional capacity being built in the 2018 bond program and to balance enrollments across the district. All school boundaries are being reviewed in the process, however [...]

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There has been a change to our Activity Bus schedule. Beginning Monday, October 1st our Activity Bus will be leaving Judson at 5:00 pm each day. This is 30 minutes later than it has previously been leaving, so you should plan on your student arriving home approximately 30 minutes later if they ride this bus. [...]

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7th Grade Girls’ Volleyball

Registration has begun for 7th Grade Girls' Volleyball.  The deadline to sign up is Friday, October 17th, by 4 pm.  Please see the attached registration packet.  7th graders are required to have a physical in order to register for sports.

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Diariamente, todos los días en el Distrito 24J

El perder un día o dos de clases podría parecer irrelevante, pero ese tiempo es muy importante. Si un estudiante pierde solo dos días de clases al mes, al final del año escolar, esto representa un mes entero de clases perdidas. En las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer, queremos que todos los estudiantes se gradúen [...]

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