Get Your Yearbook Now!

Yearbooks can be purchased for $16 up until Spring Break.  After Spring Break the cost for a yearbook will be $20.  Be sure to take advantage of this savings by having your student purchase a yearbook while prices are still low and while supplies last.  

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Wrestling Schedule

Judson Wrestling Schedule Tuesday 2/13/18 Judson @ Straub 4:00 pm Thursday 2/15/18 Judson @ Parrish 4:00 pm Tuesday 2/20/18 Judson @ Waldo 4:00 pm Thursday 2/22/18 Judson @ Crossler 4:00 pm

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After School Pick Up

Our parking lot can be quite busy after school. To help ease the congestion, here are some helpful tips and reminders: Please consider picking your student up on Jones Road by using the pick-up area in front of the building on the east side of Jones Road. The less vehicles we have in the parking [...]

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Low-Cost Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are required every 2 years for students in grades 7-12 participating in school sports. Students should plan on getting a physical before the sports season begins to ensure that their paperwork is complete before the deadline date for the sport they wish to participate in. There are many clinics in our area offering low-cost sports physicals. [...]

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