We are so excited to begin welcoming students back into our building for hybrid learning. In hybrid learning, students will continue to have class periods on their cohort days, but they will attend classes at school. Students will alternate between in-person learning in the school building and applied (independent) learning at home. Mondays will also be at home and will continue to be reserved for additional student support, family engagement and planning.
Middle School Hybrid Start Dates are:
April 13 or 14: Grade 6
April 15 or 16: Grades 7 & 8
School hours will be 8:45am to 1:45pm

We know that news of returning to school may come with a variety of emotions and a lot of questions. We will try to answer those questions as best we can. Below you will find some general information regarding our return to the building. Please make sure you read our upcoming newsletters, and check your email regularly, for additional information and updates. Facebook and Instagram are also great ways to receive updated information quickly so please follow us if you are not already.

Hybrid Learning Model Information:
• Students will attend 2 days per week in-person and 2 days independent, online learning from home.
• If your student is in the Tuesday/Thursday cohort, they will remain in that cohort and will attend school in-person on those days.
• If your student is in the Wednesday/Friday cohort, they will remain in that cohort and will attend school in-person on those days.
• Mondays will continue to be student support and staff development days.
• Students will be required to wear masks while on-campus. Please make sure that your child has a mask that fits them properly and covers their mouth and nose, They may want to start practicing wearing their masks for longer periods of time, if they have not been used to doing so.
• Students will follow social distancing guidelines, and wash or sanitize their hands frequently. Movement throughout the building will be limited.
• Breakfast and lunch meals will be available for students.
• Students will need to bring their charged Chromebook from home on their in-person days.
• Lockers will not be used.
• Drinking fountains will not be available. Students will need to bring their own water bottles.
• Students will not be dressing down for PE and locker rooms will not be used. Please have your student dress in a manner that is suitable for activity if they have PE during Quarter 4.
• Visitors and volunteers will not be permitted in the building.
• All adults on campus will be required to follow the same health and safety guidelines as students.
• Daily school activities will be modified to meet parameters of ODE guidelines for Hybrid learning.

While this next transition comes with some uncertainty, we at Judson Middle School are looking forward to welcoming our Judson Jaguars back into our classrooms! As always, thank you for partnering with us to provide your child the best education we can.