All Grades:

6 single subject spiral notebooks, college-ruled

Pencils, 1 dozen per trimester


Pencil pouch

4-color set of highlighters

6 glue sticks (turn in 4 to teacher for classroom community)

3-ring binder

Pocket dividers

Refillable water bottle


4 Kleenex boxes (turn in to teacher for classroom community)

1 folder with 3-hole punch to go in binder

Calculator (scientific for 8th grade)

Wired earbuds/headphones (wireless will not be allowed)

Lined notebook paper

Extra highlighters and pencils for donation would be appreciated.

8th grade only:

100-page spiral for math

Scientific calculator

Blue or black pens

Graph paper or spiral notebook with graph paper



Ruler with standard & metric

Colored pencils

Index cards

Graph paper

Scotch tape

Handheld pencil sharpener

Additional items may be requested from individual teachers during the first week of school or throughout the year.