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Salem-Keizer Athletics focuses on excellence in academics, leadership, character development and competition as a vital part of student achievement.

Judson's Athletics Program

Judson football players on the scrimmage line.

Fall Sports


  • Open to 7th & 8th graders
  • August 21st – November 1st


  • Open to 7th & 8th grade girls
  • September 6th – October 18th

Cross Country

  • Open to all grades
  • September 5th – October 19th
Referee crouches down to call the pin in a wrestling match.

Winter Sports


  • Open to all grades
  • January 2nd – February 8th
Close up of soccer ball and foot about to kick it.

Spring Sports


  • Open to all grades
  • February 12th - March 12th 

Track & Field

  • Open to all grades
  • April 1st – May 14th


  • Open to all grades
  • April 29th - June 4th

Physicals are Required Every Two Years

State law requires students in grades 7–12 participating in school athletics to get a physical every two years.

Students participating in pre-season activities connected to school-sponsored athletics should get a physical over the summer if they have not had one in the last two years.


Students must be enrolled in and passing 5 classes during the season.  Please see your counselor with questions regarding eligibility.

Participation Fees

  • First sport = $40.00
  • Second sport = $40.00
  • Third sport or more = No Charge

Payment required before practice

Participation fees are required prior to the first practice.

Athletes who try out for Volleyball, Basketball or Soccer are not required to pay their participation fee until they are confirmed on a team.

Need Financial Help?

**Students with financial barriers who qualify can pay a reduced cost of $20.00 per sport.

Discount Application for Sports Fees