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Key Dates & Events

  • June 30th– Office Closed for the Summer
  • July 24th – 28th Band Camp
  • August 22nd– Judson Jump Start
  • September 5th – First Day of School for the 6th Graders Only!

Key Platforms

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Key information from Judson Middle School

Dear Future Jaguars,

We are excited to welcome our new students to Judson Middle School. It was so enjoyable meeting all the families who were able to join us for our “Future Jag Night” on April 27th. Below you will find information regarding important dates and information for our incoming 6th graders and their families.

  • Communication – Judson Middle School is committed to maintaining effective communication. We encourage both parents and students to regularly check our website to view upcoming events and activities. In addition, please activate your account on ParentSquare to receive important information. During the school year, we use ParentSquare to send out messages and a weekly newsletter with all our school activities. We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Partnership – Our success at Judson is the outcome of a partnership between our staff, students, and parents. We encourage you to get involved in making Judson a place where we are all connected and inspired to achieve excellence.
  • Judson Jump Start – Please sign your student up for an introductory day camp here at Judson on August 22nd. It is a wonderful way to ease the transition into middle school. We would love to see the entire class participate!

On behalf of the staff at Judson Middle School, I again welcome you and look forward to meeting you all!

Alicia Kruska